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Video that works for you

As a professional you know your success is largely about how you relate to people face-to-face.

We provide the next best thing: bite-sized, affordable promotional videos you can use to introduce your brand to the world.

So let us showcase the most important asset of your business – you!

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.”
– Seth Godin

Our Business Promotional videos tell a powerful story to lead customer’s minds!

It’s quite obvious to try more advanced modes of branding and marketing! Among all Business promotional tools, advertising and branding through videos is the most effective and ideal way
to mark a reputation in front of customers, clarifying the needs fulfilled with your products/services. My Promo Video has realised the need & promise to capture extra moments until it leads to the most creative and radical video of the times.

In business, it’s all about branding and casting a better impact on clients, influencing their decisions and making them loyal with your company. To achieve the certain benefits, our experts are busy to plan out something unique, ideal and that spotlessly matches with the business profiles, either it’s related to script or adding graphic, making My Promo Video as top choice Corporate Video Production Company Auckland, NZ!

At the initial stage, we connect the key features of the business with the planning and successfully create a unique story while assuring to transmit all the assets and diversified approaches to your business/corporation!

Our promotional videos have a story linked to client’s business profile and thus it’s become pretty much easy to link the products/services needs with real-life events! We are offering two
packages; one for the startups and other for the reputed firms!

At any level, you are free to customise every bit of the video, believing that mutual wisdom is sharper than the sole one. So it’s not the time to promote through the oldest means of advertisement but try the next level corporate marketing with us. We promise you will pitch the business into more organised and better way in front of customers and across the world. My Promo Video is standing beside you for support and assistance. Find out our reasonable prices and cost-effective approach at a single call. We are glad to help you.


At MyPromoVideo we care about your story. Depending on where you are on your marketing journey we work with you to suit your current needs in the marketing space. We offer a couple of packages to show why you are the best option for your clients.


For those new to video production or need more guidance introduce your personal brand with the starter package – it’s as easy as it gets!

We’ll provide you with suggested interview questions based on your profession, and guide you step-by-step through the production process.

  • Your Company Story Interview
  • Location Visuals
  • Your Branded Logo
  • Background Music Track

To make it super-simple for you, we’ll shoot your video in a single location such as your office. The end result will be a dynamic video with a mixture of footage of you speaking to the camera and shots of you while you go about your work.

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For those who love the creative process here is a completely customised video about you, tailor-made to your specifications.

We’ll work with you upfront to create a unique concept for your video. We’ll customise everything from script right through to the background music.

  • Conceptualised Script
  • Client Testimonial
  • Motion Logo
  • Comprehensive Location Visuals
  • Your Company Story or VO

We can shoot your video in up to two locations of your choice. Locations could include your office, home, favourite places and more. You can also showcase other areas of your life that are important to you and your clients, such as family, hobbies, lifestyle, values.

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Talk to us about how you can enhance your video with features such as:

Drone footage

Drone footage

Underwater videography

Underwater videography

Motion graphic opener / closer

Motion graphic opener / closer

Voice over

Voice over

Client testimonial

Client testimonial

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The power of video…

Get in front of your clients – and the competition – with MyPromoVideo.

“Using video to connect with a prospect is so much more than a cold call. It humanises the selling process.” Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist (@jill-rowley)

Nowadays it’s virtually impossible to sell yourself with flyers or ads in the paper. People expect more – and video is the quickest and most efficient way to get yourself in front of potential clients. Why not make yourself stand out: MyPromoVideo brings the x-factor to your website so you can easily share it with your target demographics on Social Media.

Why Us?

Telling your story is our business.Professional videographers

As the subject of a MyPromoVideo, you can be sure you’re in the safest possible hands.

We want to discover the true nature of you and your business. We aspire to tap into the passion you hold for your business and capture that enthusiasm in video format.

You’ll be guided through the production process so that you’re well prepared and there are no surprises. In post-production we select the ‘best bits’ to really resonate with your target clients.

We believe our videos have been so successful because they focus on the story and the people behind the business.

Let us focus on selling YOU, so you can focus on selling your products. 


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