What is it about video that we love?

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend? It’s always such a nice break, 4 days off and you try and make every moment count, even the chocolate bites. ūüôā

I ended up with one my twin girls going for a forest walk and having my DSLR by my side we thought about shooting a little movie, we got so much into the experience that my 4-year old daughter took my handheld $3000 camera and started filming me. She proceeded to direct me, telling me which way to movie etc. She did a great job Рobviously a bit shaky but she did a perfect pan from right to left while I was walking and kept me right in the middle Рit was a proud-dad moment.

Afterwards we watched the footage together with our family and enjoyed the clips over and over again. I was overjoyed to see the kick everyone got out of watching the clips. I then thought what is it about video that captures our attention? (pun intended) Why does it work so well in engaging us?

Now you can have a look at a recent post I’ve put that will definitely give you 8¬†fantastic reasons what video will do for your marketing but I thought I’d just share a few thoughts on the matter.

Happy Monday everyone! If you are still sitting on the fence in your business whether or no to get a promo video I know…

Posted by My Promo Video on Sunday, April 2, 2017


See I believe as humans we are inquisitive and curious people, we love to see what is just around the corner, what life has in store for us next and watching video works just the same.

The reason why it works is it we want it to satisfy our curiosity (especially when there are a few likes attached to it). We live in the information age and what better and quicker way to upgrade your knowledge base by watching a video? That’s exactly videos do – it tries to satisfy our curiosity.

As a business owner you need to recognise your business has a story worth telling, your product/service matters and there should be a curiosity surrounding your business; a solution only you can offer the way only you can!




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